Newfoundland Dog Breed

The Newfoundland Dog Breed is a working dog and

is a very large breed of dog that is known for having a “sweet” disposition. It is a dog that is capable of heavy work on land and in the water and for that reason has been used as a rescue dog. The Newfoundland is a great companion known to be docile and loving.

One of the primary uses of a Newfoundland was by fishermen who used the dogs to pull carts and drag in fishing nets. The Newfoundland proved that it had natural life saving instincts and has been put to use that way as well. There are many stories of fishermen being saved by the brave Newf.

Weighing between 100-150 pounds (50-70kg) and standing 26-28 inches (66-71cm) the Newfoundland Breed is truly a gentle giant. Its large head is featured by soft dark eyes. It has a thick double coat of fur and large, webbed feet. A Newfoundland will need frequent grooming.

The Newfoundland Dog Breed is a great pet. But before you adopt a pet Newfoundland please consider that you need to give it lots of training, exercise, grooming, and food due to its size. Even though they are docile and loving a Newf’s size can wreak havoc if its energy is not properly channeled. And do you have time to spend with the Newfoundland? It craves human attention and companionship.

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