The Manx cat breed is an old breed of cat that has legends going back thousands of years. They are known for a bobbed tail that is much like a rabbit tail. Some say this was a cat that was bred with a rabbit.

They are normally born without a tail but some are born with short tails and others with long tails. Some countries cat clubs do not permit atail to be shown. But that doesn’t mean that you should not adopt a one as a pet just because it has a tail!

They are a medium sized breed of cat with a rounded body and long, thick, hind legs. Their heads are round and large with big cheeks. They have large round eyes as well.

This is a shorthaired breed of cat that comes in primarily in solid colors. Their coats are a thick double coat.


This is an affectionate breed of cat with a quiet chirp. They are a bit shy, especially when meeting new people. They are quite loyal and people oriented, so they are not a good pet if left alone for long periods of time. They are a good lap cat. But they also love to play and have plenty of energy, especially as kittens.

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