Korat Cat Breed

The Korat Cat Breed is centuries old and from Thailand. They have a large and expressive face with amber to green eyes. Their eyes are a very interesting feature. Their eyes are blue when they are born. Later they change to an amber-green color and finally their eyes become a bright green. Their ears are placed high on their head and are large and very broad. Their large ears give them great hearing.

The Korat is a smaller, shorthaired, breed of cat with a blue-grey color. This is one of the few breeds of cat that only has one primary color. Occasionally they will be a lilac color. Their bodies are heavier than they might appear.


The Korat is a gentle breed of cat that prefers quiet surroundings. Loud or sudden noises bother them but they are not afraid to speak up when they want some attention or food. They do love to play and participate in everything their owners do around the house. Korats are very active. They bond very well with their families and make great pets once they are settled in. Since they crave attention they do need owners that are home often

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