The Japanese Chin Dog Breed

The Japanese Chin is related to the Pekingese dog breed and is of Chinese descent. They gained popularity in Japan after the Imperial family had one.

Size and Appearance

This Toy dog breed stands 8 to 11 inches (21-25 cm) and weighs 4 – 7 pounds (2-3 kg).

They are normally black and white, red and white, or black and tan and white in color. Their abundant coats are long and silky and they shed quite a bit for such a small dog

They have quite a dainty appearance with small hanging ears, a short muzzle, a tail carried over their back and “feathered feet”.

Personality and Temperament

This is a dog that is friendly to everyone it meets and to other pets and animals. They enjoy playing and have average energy. They are good with children – especially older ones that are not too rough.

They do not require much exercise so they are a popular choice for seniors or for those with a small space (an apartment for example). They love companionship and will keep their owner company all the time.

They do not bark as much as other toy breeds.

The Japanese Chin is one of the Most Popular Dog Breeds (click here for more).

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