The Italian Greyhound Dog Breed

The Italian Greyhound dog breed is an old breed of dog and it is much like a sight hound dog. They are from the Mediterranean and became popular in Italy (hence the name).

Size and Appearance

The Italian Greyhound is part of the Toy dog breed group because of their small size. They stand 13 to 15 inches tall ( 32- 38 cm) and weigh 7 to 14 pounds.

They are a sleek and slender dog that looks ready to race. They have a long narrow head and a thin frame. Their ears are small and folded and a thin long tail that is carried low. They come in just about any color including black, blue, cream, fawn and red. And their coats are smooth and short.

Personality and Temperament

This is a breed that is good with children. They are sensitive, gentle and highly affectionate. So they do best with gentle owners and children that understand not to be too rough.

They have a high energy level and require a good walk and they do well when they have a confined area to run around. They love to chase so it is important that you protect them from their own chase instinct (in other words – keep them in a fenced yard or they may run into traffic to chase a smaller animal)

They can be timid towards strangers and very submissive with other, larger dogs. So early socialization is important. They are not too hard to train (about average)

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