Husky Dog Breed

The Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky dog breed is energetic and strong. It comes from the extremely cold Siberian Arctic and was initially used in North America as a sled dog and working dog. Over the years it has become a family pet due to its attractive looks.

Aside from their nice fur and markings, the eyes of a Husky are very attractive. Many have one brown eye and one blue eye. Some others have eyes that are both blue and brown

The Siberian Husky is extremely active and can not tolerate long periods in a confined area. It needs a lot of room to run and it needs regular obedience training. If your Husky is going to be an outdoor dog it is a good idea to provide it with a friend as Huskies are very social and need companionship.

They have very thick fur due to the need to survive in the harsh arctic cold. Its triangular ears stand erect and are furry. For a few weeks each year the husky dog breed sheds like you would not believe. The rest of the year not so much. As for grooming, you only need to bathe your Husky infrequently as they are a bit like cats and groom themselves frequently. You need to help your Husky stay cool in the summer – give it lots of water, shade, and keep it indoors if possible.

Standing at 20-24 inches (50 – 60cm) and weighing 35-60 pounds (15-28kg) the Husky is a good size dog. They are quite powerful and love to work. Therefore they need lots of exercise.

If you get a Husky expect it to live 12-15 years. Later in life they have a tendency for eye problems. Please see a veterinarian regularly.

The Husky Dog Breed is among the Most Popular Dog Breeds