Havana Brown

The Havana Brown breed of cat, also known as the Swiss Mountain cat, is a medium sized short haired cat. They are normally reddish brown (similar to a cigar) and do not have any tabby markings. Their oval eyes are green and their head has a long thin appearance to it.

Their medium build is muscular but not too large.


This is a quiet and calm breed of cat that will usually devote itself to one member of the household. If you are the chosen devotee of the cat it will follow you everywhere you go. Even though they are calm and quiet they are an active, curios breed of cat. They are good hunters and enjoy exploring and practicing their hunting. For this reason simple toys will amuse them and they will show their agility. And their curiosity and energy lasts for many years.

I have read that they have a special interest in paper, chewing on it to be specific. So be sure to keep important papers locked away.

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