The Great Pyrenees Dog Breed

The Great Pyrenees breed of dog has been around for a long time. It’s origins go back hundreds of years in France where it has a long history of guarding flocks of sheep. The breed has also gained popularity in North America where it has also worked as a guardian of livestock.

Because of their thick coats and large size they are not well suited for hot weather. So if you live in the south this may not be the right breed as they enjoy their time outside.

Personality and Attitude

This is a working dog breed that is known for its calm nature and love of family. It is a solid and dependable guardian that is somewhat wary of stranger and I not afraid to bark. In other words, they have been known to bark a lot!

After centuries of working as a sheep guardian they have developed a very independent nature. They are more difficult to train as a result of this. Are you ready to be a stern trainer? You probably don’t want a 100 pound dog who isn’t obedient!

They are generally friendly towards other pets and affectionate with their owners. So if you want a big dog as a part of your family and are prepared to give it good training and regular exercise this may be a breed to consider.

Size and appearance

This large breed of dog is very beautiful. They are easily recognized by their thick white coats that sometimes have some reddish brown, tan or grey markings.

They stand anywhere from 25 to 32 inches and weigh up to 120 pounds. Their fur is long and coarse with a thick undercoat. Because of this they need regular brushing and do not enjoy hot weather.

They have a thick build with a large head featuring medium, almond shaped eyes and medium v-shaped ears that lie flat. Their tail is thick and is generally carried quite low.

Health and Lifespan

This breed of dog will live 10-12 years with good care including regular veterinary check ups, good nutrition and regular exercise.

The most common health concern that they have is hip dysplasia.

Where to Get This Breed?

A Great Pyrenees rescue is a great place to start. A reputable breeder is a good choice as well. I recommend considering adopting from a rescue because you’ll get a dog whose personality is known and that has some training and veterinary care.

Just be sure to take your time to ensure that this is the best breed of dog for you.

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