Is the Gordon Setter the right dog for you?

The Gordon Setter Dog Breed is part of the Hunting Dog Breeds group. They were bred at Gordon Castle, Scotland, in the late 1700's and have remained a popular breed of dog since.

Personality and Temperament

Gordons were bred to work all day and have quite a need for exercise to use up their high energy level. They are not fast dogs compared to other Setters but they get their job done. If they do not get strenuous exercise each day they are likely to misbehave. Overall they are an affectionate, lively breed that will be loyal to its owner. It will also be good with other pets. They can be a bit reserved towards strangers and unknown pets. But this is where good socialization and training come in. Overall they are of average difficulty (or ease) to train

Size and Appearance

This is the largest and heaviest of all of the Setters. The stand from 23 to 27 inches (60-68cm) tall and weigh from 50 to 80 pounds. Females are at the smaller end of the scale, males at the top end.

Their coats are medium length and straight and they are always black with some tan. They do require a fair amount of brushing.

They are easily recognized by their coloring, flat head with long low set ears, and a tail that is carried horizontally behind them.

This is generally a healthy breed of dog that will live 10-12 years with good care. Good care includes veterinary care, proper nutrition and regular exercise. Their most common health concerns are hip dysplasia and gastric torsion.

Where to get a Gordon?

I would recommend a Gordon Rescue first and a Reputable Dog Breeder next.

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