The Giant Schnauzer Dog Breed

The Giant Schnauzer is a working dog breed that is from Germany. It was bred for driving cattle and has also been used as a guard dog and police dog.

Please read on to see if this is the right breed for you.

Personality and Attitude

This type of Schnauzer is a protective breed of dog that really enjoys its playtime. They are protective of their home and family and tend to be quite reserved with strangers. They are also known to have a tendency of being aggressive towards other dogs. Early training and socialization can greatly improve these tendencies

They are good with children but might be too rough for smaller children, especially when you consider their size.

Even though they are very playful, they are not regarded as an affectionate breed of dog. So don’t expect a lot of snuggling! This breed is great for an active individual or family.

Size and appearance

This is a large breed of dog that stands 23 to 28 inches tall and weighs up to 90 pounds. They are easily recognized by their upright ears, long bearded snout, cropped tail carried high and powerful build. They are normally black but sometimes are a “pepper and salt” combination

Their coats are hard, wiry, curly and a medium length. They do require a fair bit of grooming

Health and Lifespan

Like many large dog breeds they can suffer from hip dysplasia and are at risk for gastric torsion. They should live 10 to 12 years

Where to Get This Breed?

I always encourage checking your local shelter or with nearby rescues for a pet. Going to a breeder is fine. Please just be sure to use a reputable breeder.

The Giant Schnauzer is among the most popular dog breeds (click here for more)

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