French Bulldog dog breed

The French Bulldog dog breed is a Non Sporting Dog Breed. They are also known as a Frenchie.

Attitude and Personality

Frenchies are a popular companion dog that love (and need) close contact with humans. They are best kept as indoor dogs and can do well in a small space.

They are quite calm dogs that do not bark much at all. If you have other dogs socialization is important. Your Frenchie will do best with dogs of the opposite sex.

This breed is not ideal for families with small children.

Their energy levels vary from dog to dog. Some are fairly energetic and others are quite laid back

Size and Appearance

The Frenchie is a muscular dog with a heavy bone structure and of small to medium size. The smaller Frenchies are under 22 pounds (10kg) and the larger ones are up to 28 pounds (13kg).

Their coats are normally short and smooth and their colors are usually brindle, fawn, and white.

Their heads are large and square and feature a broad, deep muzzle. The other notable feature of their head is bat like ears that stand erect and are set wide apart.

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