Exotic Cat

The Exotic Cat breed is a short haired cat with a plush coat and has the body and head type of a Persian (ie a flat face). And they have a teddy bear look to them. They are also known as the exotic shorthair. Because of their short hair they do not need much grooming and do not have problems with matting that Persians have.

They come in quite a variety of colors and patterns.


Exotic Shorthairs are great pets for those who want a gentle, affectionate cat that will sit in your lap when you want company. They are quite calm and have a quiet, soft voice that is rarely used. Except when they purr while lying in your lap.

They do not need a lot of attention and are fine with following you around. They do not need to be the center of attention. They can be playful and enjoy the opportunity to play. They will play as long as you are willing and interested. But they do not demand attention like some other breeds do.

You might be interested to know that male exotics are more affectionate than females. Females tend to be more aloof.

If you want to adopt this breed of cat you should try a cat rescue or breeder first. I prefer rescues since so many pets are in rescues and shelters already.

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