European Burmese

The European Burmese Cat Breed (also called the EuroBurm) is related to the Burmese cat and they have much in common. The European version has more variety of colors though. And they are a medium size breed with a solid bone structure and muscular frame. Their eyes are quite expressive and are the key feature of the wedge shaped head.


The EuroBurm is a doglike breed of cat. They follow people around in the way a dog would. And they love to play games with people. Some will even learn to respond to their name!

They are a fun loving and social breed that has a lot of interest in playing chase and fetch. They also love to explore to satisfy their curiosity. And they will always be curios to know what you are up to. If you are typing on the computer you can expect your EuroBurm to be on your lap or more likely your keyboard. When you are dusting it will think that means playtime. Get the idea?

This breed is also quite affectionate to anyone they meet. They will greet you and any guests in the house with much interest. You can almost guarantee that you guests will have the cat in their lap shortly after sitting down, and your lap will not be cold very often!

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