Devon Rex

The Devon Rex cat breed has a very soft, wavy and short coat similar to that of the Cornish Rex. Their coat comes in a number of colors and patterns.

They have very large, bat like ears that are set low on the sides of their heads. They have wide heads with large eyes and short whiskers. The whiskers are usually curled. They have a slender build with long legs. They are capable of long and high jumps thanks to their well muscled thighs.


This is an intelligent and energetic breed of cat. They are playful, curious and affectionate to their family. They are dog like in their desire to be with the family.

Cat proofing your home is recommended since they are quite curious. They especially like to get into and onto high places so be careful what valuables and breakables you have on shelves and other furniture.

They can be trained to fetch and love the idea. They can also be trained to jump and heel just like a dog would.

If you are watching television a Devon is likely to be found on the back of your chair or even on your shoulder! They really do love to be up high!

This is a pet that needs plenty of attention. And they live a long life full of energy. So please make sure that this breed is right for you before buying or adopting one (check for Rex Rescues!)

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