The Dalmatian Dog Breed

The Dalmatian Dog Breed is known as a companion to firemen and are well known from the Disney 101 Dalmations movies. Prior to this reputation they were once carriage dogs in Victorian England. Many horse and buggy’s were accompanied by Dalmatians. They protected the horses from other dogs and added a touch of class to the procession.

Personality and Attitude

This is an energetic dog breed that is playful and affectionate. Because of their energy level and stamina they do need a fair amount of regular exercise. Otherwise they may become bored and destructive.

If this breed is socialized early it should be good with other pets, including dogs.

This can be a good family pet but they might be too boisterous for younger children. They are especially good if you are committed to regular vigorous exercise

Size and appearance

This may be the most distinctive dog there is. Who doesn’t think of a white dog with black spots when they think of dalmations?

Aside from their distinctive coat, they are a medium sized dog standing 19-24 inches and weighing up to 60 pounds. Their coats are smooth and short and easily cared for

Health and Lifespan

There is a concern with deafness among this breed and many breeders will screen for this as a result.

With good veterinary care they should live 12 to 14 years.

Where to Get This Breed?

Unfortunately many of these dogs end up in shelters. Many people get them simply because they liked them in a movie. And then they find that the breed just isn’t right for them. So check with a local shelter or rescue organization

The Dalmatian is a Non Sporting Dog Breed

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