Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex has a very distinct appearance. They carry themselves with grace and are built for speed. They are very thin, long and lean cats with delicate bone structure. Their legs are quite long and slender as well. But their hips and thighs are quite muscular giving them great leaping ability.

They have a short, soft and wavy coat that comes in many colors and patterns. It is silky and dense. Their whiskers are wavy as well. And the tail is long and thin, tapering to a fine point at the end. Their ears are big and so are their eyes.


This is a high energy breed of cat that needs a lot of attention. They are quite affectionate and want to be quite involved with what you are doing. They will love to play games with you, fetch or chasing a feather or other toy will entertain them well.

Cat-proofing your home is essential since this breed will get into everything, and onto everything. They are great climbers and you will be amazed by how high they can jump. Everything in your home will be a toy in the eyes of a Rex. They will even try to figure out how to get into your cupboards and drawers!

They love companionship so they are a good breed if they will not be left alone for too long at a time.

This is not a breed that observes quietly from the sideline. No matter what you do they will be right in the middle. If you knit the cat will be there helping. If you fold laundry the cat will be in the laundry basket, if you watch tv the cat will be batting at the screen. You can see that you are in for unending fun with this breed!

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