Colorpoint Shorthair

The Colorpoint Shorthair Cat is closely related to the Siamese cat and are distinguished by the 16 point colors. Color point means that the points of the body (ears, face mask, feet and tail) are darker than the rest of the body

This Shorthair cat is medium sized, quite thin but muscular. They have a thin neck, long legs and large pointed ears. They have a very similar body to the Siamese.

Their short coats lie close to the body and require little grooming. Their coats have a silky appearance with beautiful blue eyes

They are great in a household where there are allergies since they have very little dander.

Cat Personality

This breed of cat can be quite a handful! They are very curious and intelligent and have a high need for attention. They want to be with their family as much as possible and will be quite talkative to gain attention.

They are constantly busy and get into everything that they can. The color point will climb everything in sight and get into anything it can.

If you and your family are interested in a cat that loves to play this could be the cat for you.

Where to Get this Breed of Cat

Colorpoint Cats can be found at breeders and through cat breed rescues.

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