The Chinese Crested Dog Breed

The Chinese Crested Dog is of Chinese descent. They are part of the Toy Group and are among the Most Popular Dog Breeds

Size and Appearance

There are two varieties: hairless and powderpuff. The hairless has no hair on its body, just has a crest on the head, socks covering its long feet and a plume covering its tail. The Powderpuff has soft, long hair. The hairless is a non shedding dog and the powderpuff has minimal shedding. So they are a good choice for someone allergic to pet dander.

The hairless does have more grooming and skin care requirements than you might think.

They are a small breed standing 9 – 13 inches (23-30 cm) tall and weighing about 10-12 pounds. Another distinguishing feature is their large, erect ears.

Personality and Temperament

This breed is very anxious to please its owner(s) and is not too difficult to train. They are playful (but not rough play), affectionate and friendly towards other pets and strangers

The Chinese Crested Dog is a Toy dog breed – click here for others

They live about 13 -15 years.

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