Chesapeake Bay Retriever Rescue

Chesapeake Bay Retriever RescueThere are quite a few Chesapeake Bay Retriever Rescue organizations operating across North America. So if you are interested in this breed of dog it is well worth considering going through a rescue. Dog Rescues take the time to make sure that the dog and the potential owner are a good match for each other. And they generally know the history of the dog and its temperament. This, together with the fact that you are helping to save a dogs life, make it well worth it to get a Chessie from a rescue.

Of course, you should take a bit of time on your own to determine if this is the right breed of dog for you. But once you have done that then I highly encourage going to a rescue. If you want to learn more about this dog breed, please visit the Chesapeake Bay Retriever page.

We have recently sent emails to several Rescues requesting interviews and more information about the dog rescues. More information will be posted here once we receive responses.

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*Photo Courtesy of The Ladd on Flickr

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