Chartreux Cat

It is probably obvious to say that the Chartreux Cat is a French breed of cat!

They are distinguishable because by their large, powerful frame with a gray-blue and wooly coat. The coats are quite short, very thick and water resistant. Their eyes range from copper to gold, with a brilliant orange.

Chartreux Personality

The Chartreux is a gentle and quiet cat. Many only purr! They seem somewhat detached as they prefer to watch from a distance than actively participate.

This is a hunting breed of cat and will show signs of enjoyment when the opportunity to chase or play comes up. They love to pounce

With their owners they will be quite devoted and attentive. They will follow you around the house and sleep with you at night. If you live alone they are a great companion. They will not get in your way and want to be good pets. They are fine with families as well.

Where to Get this Breed of Cat

The Chartreux should be purchased from a reputable breeder or adopted from a rescue or animal shelter.

Keep in mind that getting a cat is a long term decision. So take your time with the decision to buy or adopt any kitten or cat.

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