Bull Dog Breeds

The English Bull Dog and the British Bulldog

Bull Dog Breeds were once used for baiting bulls. They appear strong, powerful and maybe even mean. But they are actually quite gentle and carry an attitude of stability and strength. They are very gentle dogs who rarely bark.

While they can be a good family pet, Bulldogs are not recommend for a first time dog owner. The bulldog breed requires more care than you might expect and they require just enough exercise, just the right temperature, just enough grooming … do you get the point? If you have no experience as a dog owner bulldogs are not recommended.

If you are already a dog owner and want a bulldog you need to consider that they are not overly active dogs and need just enough exercise. Too much exercise is harmful to them. Since a bull dog is so stoic it won’t let you know when it has had enough – until it collapses in exhaustion and you are faced with carrying it the rest of the way!

Bull dogs are best as indoor dogs as they can’t handle too much heat or cold weather. Even a cold draft is not great for a bulldog.

They also require specific grooming. Their eyes need to be cleaned daily and they should only be bathed a couple of times per year. Bull dogs are susceptible to blocked anal glands (this is a smelly condition!)

The typical bulldog is between 40-50 pounds and stands 12-16 inches tall. They are very stocky with a massive head, wide shoulders and a barrel chest. Their ears are small and thin and their coat has straight short hair. Their face has heavy wrinkles (this is why their eyes need daily attention).

The term bullheaded can be applied to a bull dog as the bull dog breed is determined, persistent and courageous (you would have to be if you were built to guard and control bulls!). They need training to understand their place in the home.

If you choose to adopt a pet bull dog you can expect that it will live about 8-9 years.

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For more information about Bulldogs, please visit English Bulldog Nation, a comprehensive website devoted to the English Bulldog. Information on Bulldog breeders, puppies, diet, health, training and much more.

Bull Dog Breeds are among the Most Popular Dog Breeds