Brussels Griffon Dog Breed

The Brussels Griffon is a breed dating back to the 1800 when it was a popular mascot in the cabs of Brussels. It is quite a popular dog in Belgium. They are considered a toy dog but have some terrier in their past.

Size and Appearance

This small breed is a member of the Toy dog breeds. It weighs in at 8 to 12 pounds and stands 9 to 11 inches (24-28 cm)

They have two types of coats: one that is rough and of medium length; and another that is smooth, soft and short. The coats color is usually red, beige, black or black and tan.

Their ears are usually in a natural fold, but sometimes they are cropped. And they have large eyes. Their tails are held upright but sometimes they are docked.

Personality and Temperament

This little breed is known for its tendency to be a couch potato that loves to climb up to the back (top) of the couch or chair for a better view while it relaxes. Despite the fact that they enjoy lying around, they are friendly, affectionate and playful with an average energy level. They do need a good play session or walk every day.

They are protective of their home and are wary of strangers. They will make quite a racket if someone approaches the house.

Overall they are good with children but the kids do need to be taught not to be too rough with their pet. And the dog needs to be taught obedience early on.

The Brussels Griffon is among the Most Popular Dog Breeds

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