Boston Terrier Dog Breed

The Boston Terrier Dog Breed is a popular breed of dog. It was bred in Boston during the 19 th century by crossing an English White Terrier with an English Bulldog.

Attitude and Personality

This is a very intelligent breed of dog that is gentle, alert and easily trained. They are quite an active and energetic breed of dog and need physical exercise and mental stimulation. Otherwise they can be high strung.

Overall they are fairly easily trained. Some have behavior issues where they try to be the leader of the pack (everyone in the house). This can be reduced by consistent training that is gentle but firm to let the dog know you are the boss in the house.

They are quite good with children and they like strangers. So they fit in nicely with a full household. They do need good socialization with other dogs and pets as they try to be the dominant dog.

Size and Appearance

This small breed of dog stands 15-17 inches (38 to 43cm) tall and weighs 10-25 pounds (4.5-11kg). They have a compact body with a short smooth coat. They are normally black and white or brindle color. Most often they have a look as if they were wearing a tuxedo.

They have big, upright ears and small dainty legs. They also have a short muzzle.

The Boston Terrier is a Non Sporting Dog Breeds that typically lives about 15 years

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