Bombay Cats

Bombay Cats are very close to the Burmese breed of cat. They are a shorthaired domestic cat and have been called a miniature black panther due to their shiny black coat and copper eyes. Some Bombay's are born a sable color due to their original breeding (black American Shorthair and Sable Burmese). But most are black as that is the dominant gene.

Those with a Sable color are not accepted in shows and therefore are only found as pets. There is nothing wrong with a Sable Bombay – it's just not for breeding or showing.

They are medium sized cats that are fairly heavy for their size. A male will weigh 8 to 11 pounds and a female will weigh 6 to 9 pounds. They have a round head and nice face. They have a sleek appearance to them. Their coats are short and they do not require a lot of grooming since they do not shed much.

The Bombay Cat Breed shares several attributes with the Burmese. Essentially they are a little larger than Burmese cats and are black. Like a Burmese they are suitable for apartment living and are calm cats. They accept dogs in the home fairly easily but are sometimes less adaptable to other cats.

If you get a Bombay you will find that it is quite an intelligent breed of cat and it will seek your attention and will excel at games that you play with it. They are good with children and will find ways for everyone to play together. They are also great companions during television or bed times as they love to snuggle. Everything many people want in a cat!

Where to Buy or Adopt a Bombay

Bombay's are available through breeders. There is usually a waiting list for a reputable breeder. That’s okay, it is best to take your time in getting a pet. I always suggest looking for a cat rescue or animal shelter for any breed of cat. You’ll save a life and get a cat that already has had most of the required veterinary care. And it will be spayed or neutered to reduce overpopulation.

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