Bloodhound Dog

The Bloodhound Dog Breed was bred for tracking and trailing prey. They are the largest of the scent hound breeds. They have a fantastic sense of smell and are famous for tracking fugitives and lost people. And they have a great deal of stamina for this task.

As a working Hound Dog Breed they do need a fair bit of regular exercise and they enjoy being part of a pack. So they do well with other dogs and in a family environment.

Size and Appearance

This is a large dog breed that stands 23 to 27 inches (58-69 cm) and weighs 90 to 110 pounds (40.5-49.5 kg). They are quite strong and powerful.

They are easily recognized for their loose skin that hangs quite a bit and is covered with a short, smooth coat. Their shorthair coat is black and tan, or liver and tan or red. They are also well known for long, thin, floppy ears.


Very intelligent, loyal, sensitive and gentle. They do well with other dogs and are great with children.

Because of their size and strength it is good to train them early on so they can are well socialized and obedient. They are a bit stubborn so they can be a challenge to train. So starting early is even more important.

Where to get this breed

Breeders are a good option and so are rescues and shelters.

With good nutrition, plenty of exercise and regular veterinary care you can expect this breed to live about 12 years.

The Bloodhound Dog Breed is among the Most Popular Dog Breeds

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