Birman Cats

Birman Cats most likely were developed in Burma. They have a long history there and they are considered sacred. The local priest keep them as companions.

Birmans have a very distinct appearance. They are large and stocky with fairly long and silky hair. It is one of the few long haired cat breeds that does not have problems with matting fur. They are most distinguished by their paws which are always white like gloves. Their coat is usually a light golden colour and their legs, tail and face are darker with some variation in color among the breed. Their eyes are another beautiful feature. The eyes are almond shaped and a nice blue. And their ears are an medium size standing erect and pointed. They really are quite beautiful cats.

Another interesting note about Birmans is that they are born white and gain their color as they grow and mature over two years.

The Birman Breed of Cat has a great personality. They are gentle and faithful. And they are active and more than willing to play. But they are not loud and they do not demand attention

Where Can Buy or Adopt Birman Cats?

Birmans are mainly available through breeders and there is usually a waiting list for a reputable breeder. That’s okay, it is best to take your time in getting a pet. Pets purchased on a whim are rarely a good idea.

I always suggest looking for a cat rescue for any breed of cat. You’ll save a life and get a cat that already has had most of the required veterinary care. And it will be spayed or neutered to reduce overpopulation.

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