The Bichon Frise Dog Breed

The Bichon Frise is one of the Most Popular Dog Breeds in North America year after year. They seem to be best suited for adults who are home a lot as they thrive on human contact and do best with mature treatment (they do not take well to rough-housing with children).

Attitude and Personality

This small dog breed is a happy dog breed that loves to play. They are a quite intelligent breed that are fairly easy to train with persistence from their owner. They are eager to please but also have a mischievous and independent streak. In other words, they are selective about when (and for whom) they are eager to please.

They can be reserved and barky with strangers until they are comfortable that the stranger is welcome. And they make a decent watch dog (not a guard) for this reason.

Bichon Size and Appearance

This is a small breed of dog that stands 10 – 15 inches (24 – 36 cm) tall and weighs 11 - 22 pounds (5-10kg). Some unethical breeders try to say they are always at the low end of this scale because it makes them seem more toy like in appearance.

They have a black nose, dark eyes and its white fur. The coat has a curly outercoat and a silky undercoat. Some cream color may be seen around its ears or on its body. The head and legs are proportionate in size to the body, and ears and tail are never docked.

Care and Lifespan

This is a non-shedding breed that requires daily grooming to remove dead hair and to prevent matting. Regular visits to a groomer is also beneficial.

They do need a daily walk.

They normally live about 15 years

Recommended Resource

I recently found this Bichon Frise website. This website is dedicated to the Bichon. Learn all about this hypoallergenic and non shedding dog breed that is becoming very popular with people who suffer from allergies and asthma. Information on puppies, health, diet and much more.

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