Beagle Dog Breed

The beagle dog breed is another great family dog. They are a bit excitable and love company, have a kind disposition, and are usually not aggressive. They are excellent with children as they love attention and are eager to please. They are among the best dog breeds for families.

When meeting new people beagles may be a bit standoffish at first. They might even bark or howl. This makes a beagle a great watch dog. They are easily won over though due to their love of companionship

Weighing about 18 and 35 lb (8 and 16 kg), and standing about 12-15 inchers (30-38cm), beagles are considered a medium breed of dog. They have long floppy ears, a medium length and smooth coat, with large eyes that have a soft look to them.

As Hound Dogs, the beagle has a great sense of smell and are easily distracted by scents. They are intelligent but tend to get focused on one thing with great determination. This can make training a bit of a challenge as their focus may not be where you want it!

The beagle dog breed does get bored easily if left alone. They are known for having separation anxiety. There are a variety of strategies for dealing with separation anxiety. One of which is to have two dogs!

If you decide to adopt a pet beagle you need to commit to giving it regular daily exercise (like most dogs). They have incredible stamina and can handle very long walks and hikes. Without daily exercise they will gain weight easily, especially as they age. This can lead to joint problems or heart problems. A beagle will live for about 12-13 years, daily exercise will help it to have quality years later in life.

Beagles are easy to groom, a weekly rub down with a hand mitt is sufficient most of the time. They should have a bath every few months as well. When grooming your pet beagle, check for fleas and ticks. Especially if it is allowed to run free outdoors a lot.

Because of their long floppy ears they are at risk of ear infections due to moisture build up. They can also experience eye problems. It is important to regular veterinary check ups.

If you are looking for a good family pet, put the beagle dog breed on your list to consider – and take your time making up your mind – they will be in the family for a decade or more! Beagles are among the best breeds for families

The beagle dog breed is one of the most popular dog breeds

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