Basset Hound Dog Breed

The Basset Hound Dog Breed is a friendly breed of dog. They love company and for this reason are a great family pet. They love company so much that it is a good idea to have two pets if no one is home on a regular basis. This is because a basset hound was bred to work in groups. They love to meet new people and other pets, it’s very exciting for them.

Basset hounds are scent hounds and have extremely good capability for following a trail. They are short (12-15inches (30-38cm)), powerful (40-65 pounds(18-29kg)) and long dogs with “saggy” skin, long ears and a smooth short haired coat. A basset hound will love to wander through muddy fields, but cleaning them is not difficult.

When you see the powerful legs and thick neck of the basset hound dog breed you might think they are not nice dogs – especially if you are familiar with their main use as hunters. This is not so at all. They are not aggressive dogs at all. They will give a deep and powerful bark on occasion, but that is the extent of their aggression.

One note though – children should always be taught how to behave around dogs. No matter how nice a pet is there is always the chance it will bite if it feels threatened.

Powerful necks, long and tapered tails that stand upright with a curve, very long

Basset Hounds do have a big appetite and aren’t as quick as other dogs. But they have great endurance and love long walks or hiking in the country (remember I mentioned muddy coats?). Long walks are a great way to work on your training and obedience program. Bassets are difficult in this regard. They are also difficult to housebreak. Patience and consistency is required to train a Basset hound.

Basset hounds live about 10-12 years and do have a couple special health concerns to watch for. They are prone to ear disease, musco-skeletal issues if their weight is not in control, and a disease called bloat (a gastric condition). Proper diet, grooming and veterinary care are required – just like any other pet.

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