The Basenji Dog Breed

The Basenji is an ancient breed of dog that has a history in ancient Egypt. More recently it was used in the Congo and Central Africa by native tribes as a pack dog. The hunted in packs for small game.

One of their interesting characteristics is they can not bark. They do make a yodelling noise though.

This is a Hound Dog Breed that was introduced to England in the 1930's and shortly after that to North America

Personality and Attitude

The Basenji is one of the Most Popular Dog Breeds. In 2007 it was 89th most popular breed in North America. They are popular for several reasons, one of which is their temperament.

This a high energy dog that is very affectionate, playful and inquisitive. And they are a sweet breed of dog when with their owners. They can be reserved breed with other pets and require good socialization with other animals.

They can be a very independent dog and have a lot of energy. They require regular physical and mental stimulation or they will probably become destructive. They are known to have strong separation anxiety to the point of being destructive when left alone. For this reason a crate is highly recommended. I have heard horror stories of them chewing through a wall if left alone!

Size and Appearance

These are medium sized dogs with a sweet face on a wrinkled head. They stand 16 to 17 inches tall and weigh up to 24 pounds. They have smallerect ears and small almond shaped eyes.

Their coats are smooth, short and easily maintained. They usually have white feet, white tail tips and a white chest. often they have a white collar as well. Their colors are red, black, brindle and black and tan.

Their tails are carried high and curl over their back.

Where to get a Basenji

Like most breeds they can be found at a breeder, shelter or rescue. I suggest a rescue or shelter first. You'll get a dog that has been well cared for, is probably housebroken and has had its veterinary care done already. A Reputable Dog Breeder is also a great choice. A good breeder will take great care to make sure that you and the dog are a good match.

This breed will normally live 12-14 years so it is a great idea to take your time evaluating if this is the best breed of dog for you.

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