American Wirehair Cat

The American Wirehair Cat Breed is distinguished by its coat. It is said to be similar to the American Shorthair Cat in its playful and affectionate personality and athletic build.

The texture of its coat varies greatly among Wirehairs. Some are hard, others are soft. And some coats are longer than others. The longer the coat the less “wirey” the cat will be. A hard and shorter coat will show the best example of being wirehaired. In general each hair will appear to be kinked, crimped or bent. The coats are usually coarse and dense while being springy to the touch.

This Breed was first recognized in 1967 after being discovered on a farm in 1966. Breeders felt that this breed of cat should remain independent. It has become a very popular breed since then and they are considered to be healthy and easy to care for. Their owners report that they are quiet cats and very loving pets.

So if you are looking for a cat that is unique, but also a great family pet, consider this breed. It will probably live 15-20 years so keep that in mind. If you can’t see making that kind of commitment then maybe you should consider adopting a different type of pet

Where to get an American Wirehair Cat?

I always recommend you adopt a cat from a cat rescue or animal shelter. Too many wonderful cats end up in shelters and rescues simply because of overpopulation. Please spay and neuter your cats to reduce overpopulation!

I think that you might have to go to a breeder to get a Wirehair. They are a fairly rare breed of cat and a breeder will be able to tell you more about the breed and about its parents. The cats ancestors give you a good idea of what your cat will be like.

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