American Water Spaniel Rescue

American Water Spaniel RescueThe American Water Spaniel Rescue Inc. (AWSRI) is the one main groups to go in all of North America for AWS Rescue (AWS = American Water Spaniel). This group has a relationship with the American Water Spaniel Club that formed under a trial basis in 2009. This relationship means that all rescue dogs referred to the American kennel Club's American Water Spaniel chapter will be referred on to the AWSRI.

The AWSRI is a complete rescue operation with several volunteers. They are a charitable organization that focuses on what is best for each dog in question. This means that they do their very best to make sure that they adopt out a healthy dog that is suitable for the person / family that will be adopting it. So if you are interested in this breed of dog and are confident that it is the right breed for you, then I highly recommend going throught the rescue. If you do not know for sure if this is the best breed for you then I recommend doing more reading about this dog breed before making up your mind.

We have recently sent an email to the AWSRI requesting an interview and more information about the club. More information will be posted here once we receive a response.

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*Photo Courtesy of Noma's American Water Spaniels on Flickr

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