American Curl

The American curl is known for its different ears. Their ears curl back in an arc away from their face towards the back of the head. Curl Kittens have straight ears at first, but after about four months they will have curled back. It is at this point that cat fanciers determine the quality of the breed – depending on how the ears have curled.

Aside from their remarkable ears, they also have a unique personality. They love people and enjoy interacting with people. They are also very curious. If you adopt a pet Curl you can expect to find yours in all kinds of interesting spots. If the television is on you might have the cat pouncing or batting at the screen. Whatever you are doing, you can be sure that your pet Curl cat will be right there, finding a way to get your attention.

If you choose to adopt a Curl you can expect it to live about 15 years. They are a medium cat breed and weigh up to 10 pounds. Like all cats, they do shed, but are not known as the most excessive shedders.

Should you Adopt a Pet American Curl?

If you like the looks of this breed and are interested in having one of your own that’s great. But keep in mind that they are very active and want human interaction. If you can not provide you could be looking at a cat with destructive tendencies as it keeps its curiosity and energy into adulthood. If you must leave it home alone consider having two cats so they can keep each other entertained.

Try to find one at the local animal shelter or through a curl cat rescue. Of course, there are also breeders, but it never hurts to try a shelter or rescue first – you’ll save a life! And it will be far less expensive than through a breeder

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