American Bobtail Cat

The American Bobtail Cat Breed is a beautiful breed of cat. At first glance you might mistake one for a wild bobcat. Until it approaches you and demands attention!

Why Adopt a Pet Bobtail Cat?

If you want to adopt a cat that is energetic, playful, affectionate and intelligent the Bobtail Cat Breed is a great choice. Just be sure that energetic really is what you are after because this is one of the most energetic breeds of cats.

Your Bobtail might even act like a dog – it will greet you at the door and ask you to play with it. They will play fetch or chase for as long as you will.

Do you have children? Great! They are normally great with children and don’t mind a bit of rough housing.

American Bobtail Appearance

The Bobtail is a medium cat, some are closer to large, with a muscular and powerful appearance. Don’t let the muscular description fool you. It is a beautiful bred with almond shape eyes that normally have the gaze of a hunters determination. Their hair can be short or long and the tail is bobbed like a bobcat’s tail (about half the length of most cats tails). Most of them have a tabby coloring that has a wild and shaggy look

Where can you Adopt the Bobtail Cat Breed?

They can be adopted from breeders, animal shelters and rescue organizations.

Final Thoughts

If you adopt a pet cat please be prepared for 15-20 years of feeding, veterinary care, litter box cleaning and other care. It’s well worth but it’s so important to take your time when adopting a cat.

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