The Affenpinscher Do Breed

The Affenpinscher is one of the oldest Toy dog breeds. The root name of this breed describes it well. Affen means monkey (which this dog behaves like and has a facial expressions like a monkey), and Pinscher means Terrier.

Size and Appearance

This small dog breed stands 9-11 inches (24-28 cm) tall and weighs 7-10 pounds (3-4 kg). It is usually black and sometimes has some grey in its shaggy coat. The coat is of a medium length and is rough.

They have small feet and their tails are often docked, but those that have tails are short and carried high.

They have a short muzzle, bright eyes and a small ears covered by fur.

Personality and Temperament

This is an active and lively dog. It has an above average energy level which can be tended to by a good walk or play session. They love their play sessions. And they are a great lap dog once they have decided it is time to rest.

The Affen is protective of the home and a loyal companion that will bark up a storm when visitors come to the house.

The Affe behaves like a Terrier in some ways and can be quite stubborn. This means that training requires some effort on their owner’s part. And it can be possessive so it is important to work at socialization as early as possible.

If you are not careful with this breed of dog you may end up with a dog that owns you rather than you owning the dog! They live for 12-14 years so I do recommend early training and sorting out who the boss is! The Affenpinscher is a Toy dog breed – click here for more.

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