Abyssian Cat

Abyssian Breed Profile

Abyssian CatThe Abyssian Cat Breed is a pedigree cat with a history going back hundreds of years – maybe even hundreds of thousands of years to ancient Egypt!

This cat breed is very attractive (aren’t they all?). They have very expressive eyes that are often hazel or green. Their eyes have an oriental look to them. Their ears are set wide apart from each other and are pricked and furry on the inner edges. Their bodies are muscular (but not bulky) and their legs and paws are slender. They weigh about 9-10 pounds on average so they are a medium sized cat. Their coat is fine and dense but they are not the worst cats for shedding.

Abyssian Cats are very active and intelligent. They are a good family pet as they like to play. You can toss a toy around to entertain it and yourself.

Abyssians live about 15 years – some have lived as long as 20 years. Of course this is dependant on good care. Good care includes proper nutrition, mental & physical stimulation and veterinary care.

If you want to adopt a pet an Abyssian could be a good choice. They are easily trained for the litter box, are not terrible with shedding (but they do shed), are playful, and they get along well with most other pets.

You can adopt a pet Abyssian from a Breeder, at a Cat Rescue, or at an animal shelter. Cat Adoption is so easy and your new cat could be a great part of your family. Just make sure that you are ready for a 15 year commitment. You will be richly rewarded if you are.

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